Early Spring Market at Sunninghill School, Dorset | March 2020

Come along to the Early Spring Market event at Sunninghill School in Dorchester, on Sunday 15th March 2020. Enjoy a wonderful shopping experience in the beautiful surroundings of Sunninghill in the centre of Dorchester, with the chance to meet some of Dorset’s most talented artisan artists, crafters and food producers – a great opportunity to shop for Easter gifts!

Snowdrops in Art at Bell Street Gallery, Dorset | February 2020

I am submitting work for this show and hope to be selected! So, in the interest of making sure you know what’s going on I thought I’d add the event here at this point to be sure you can put the dates in your diary. In any event it will be a beautiful show to visit, whether I am exhibiting or not!

Permanent Art Exhibition at Cygnet Gallery in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

have a small selection of my work on display at The Cygnet gallery in Shaftersbury. You will find small election of my work from paintings, drawings, cards, and sculptures. I am there once a week in person so if you would like to meet me to see one of my pieces, or pick up something you have bought from me in person then this is the perfect place to meet me. Please contact me to find out when I will be there, it varies every week.

Free GiveAway | Jan 1999

❤️ I AM GIVING A FREE GIVEAWAY to welcome in 2019 ❤️ What one of you will win is a signed print of ‘Amour’ from my Wisdom Series. Hares emanate the essence of love, fertility and abundance into our lives. Hares also have this wonderful ability to move FAST! … and it’s this energy that…

Art by Liz Shewan on Auction from 6th to 9th December 2018

I’ll keep this short and sweet! … I have an Art Auction starting on the 6th December at 6pm … stunning beauties can be sent directly to your door without having to log them around during the busy Christmas streets … are you coming?  Biddings starts from just £18 and up! Come and Join Us…