Phantom Revenge Healing

a potent illusion that hangs over us like a ghost, whispering in our ear from the shadows. The Phantom plays with our minds and feeds our fantasies, persuading you to hurt or harm someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning – The Hare Tarot Deck

This guy doesn’t really scream romance, but he does emanate dependability – he is definitely someone you can trust. This hare is a really good hare to have by your side when the going gets tough because he is sound and steadfast…


There are distractions everywhere we look. The world is full of amazing delights that, if we are not focused on our mission (as it were) we end up doing everything other than what it is we truly love to do. This can then spiral downwards into discontent if we are not paying attention, and before we know it we are constantly unhappy because we do not feel fulfilled.